Living Walls



Genus Loci is  now an ELT Living Wall Certified Contractor/Installer.

The ELT EasyGreen® Living Wall System is revolutionizing both the landscaping and green build industries. ELT has developed a product that is both practical and user friendly. It also has the flexibility to work in many different applications:

     • Large Indoor Apps for Air Quality Purposes
     • Outdoor Apps for Cooling Effects in Buildings & Artistic Value
     • Indoor Applications
     • Sound Barriers

The ELT EasyGreen® Living Wall is a modular living wall panel that can be either Pre-Grown or Planted in Place. Its rugged construction and ease of installation make it a perfect choice for people looking to expand their gardens in new and exciting ways.

     • Air Quality Improvement
     • Temperature Regulation
     • Reduction Of Storm Water Run Off
     • Improvement Of Building Performance
     • Habitat and Ecological Benefits
     • An innovative and ascetically pleasing addition to the indoor environment

Special Features:
     • Modularity
     • Water Management
     • Variable Depths
     • Variable Plant Selection
     • Low Maintenance
     • Indoor/Outdoor
     • Large & Small Projects
     • Easy Mounting

Product and vegetation warranties are available, provided installation and maintenance was preformed by an ELT Certified Contractor.

For more information view or download the following brochures in PDF format. You can also click the ELT Easy Green® image below to be re-directed to the ELT Living Wall Website.

To view a selection of our Living Wall projects, please go to our living wall feature projects database.


* all photos and information courtesy of ELT EasyGreen®