Giraud Residence
Swimming Pool Conversion
Mississauga, ON

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Genus Loci has begun work on our first ever pool conversion, from a saltwater concrete pool to a natural swimming pool, for a private residential client in Mississauga, ON.

This is a relatively small pool, measuring approximately 16ft by 26ft. The existing pool is completely encased by concrete walls and a concrete pool deck. Consequently, there is no space available outsite of the pool to construct plant filters. For this reason, we have elected to filter the water entirely through mechanical means, without the inclusion of a plant filter. The retrofit will include the installation of a pressurized biofilter, a nutrient scrubber, and an ionizer. The existing pump and skimmer will be incorporated into the design.

Since exposed concrete is not recommended in natural swimming pools, the entire shell will be sprayed with a black, fast-setting liquid liner to seal the concrete. The pool will then be divided into two sections. There will be a swim zone at the deep end, measuring approximately 17ft x 15ft, coupled with an aquatic garden in the shallow end. A douglas fir wall will separate the two zones. In this particular case, the aquatic plants, consisting of a combination of horsetails, pond lilies, and submergent aquatics, will offer only minimal filtration, serving more as an aesthetic statement to complement the natural freshwater pool concept.