Rain Gardens & Bioswales



Rain Gardens and Bioswales offer a simple yet elegant, eco-friendly solution to drainage problems around your home and on your property.

A rain garden is an excavated basin carefully positioned and sized to capture, hold, and gradually release runoff roof and landscape runoff volumes on site into the ground, rather than into municipal storm sewer systems. The basin is typically layered with absorptive soils and aggregates, and then planted with an assortment of carefully selected native perennial and/or shrub species suited to alternating wet and dry soil conditions. Combined with stone accents and elements, rain garden ecosystems can be designed as a stunning naturalistic landscape feature, or in a diverse array of other styles. Either way, rain gardens can offer a creative, highly effective solution to many drainage problems, and they look great too!

Bioswales are basically linear rain gardens designed to drain water across the landscape, to a rain garden or designated discharge point. Like rain gardens, they are designed to allow maximum soil infiltration, are planted with perennials and shrubs, and may incorporate natural stone. Bioswales are particularly useful on flat, poorly drained properties where conventional drainage systems are ineffective.

If you are experiencing drainage problems on your property, if you want to do your part to protect environment, or if you simply want to add a new and unique element to your landscape, give us a call to see whether a naturalized stormwater system is right for you.

To view a selection of our rain garden & bioswale projects, please go to our rain garden project database.