so what exactly is a xeriscape? 

Xeriscapes are water effiicient landscapes composed of hardy, drought tolerant plants adapted to local rainfall amounts without the need for supplementary watering. The beauty of drought-tolerant plants is that they generally remain vigorous even through dry periods. Many native plant species are particularly well suited to water efficient landscapes, as they have evolved in tandem with local rainfall conditions. 

In a xeriscape, lawn areas are reduced to what is needed for practical or functional reasons, while the rest of the landscape might be devoted, for instance, to drought tolerant perennial and shrub ground covers (or, in some cases, ornamental stone beds). Alternatives to the common lawn are now also widely available, including wildflower, yarrow, fescue, clover and/or thyme lawn seed mixes. These can be mown and will stay green through the summer with little or no watering beyond natural rainfall. 

Finally, xeriscaping can include rainwater harversting systems to capture rainwater off rooftops and pavements for use in the garden. Rain gardens and bioswales are typically an integral components of an effective xeriscape.

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