Genus Loci specializes in “waterscaping” – the design and construction of breathtaking landscape water features such as  garden , koi or other fish pondsnatural swimming pools, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, fountains, streams, bog gardens and other aquatic landscape features. We design and build unique, beautiful and durable water features for any property, large or small, urban or rural, indoors or outdoors. We employ state-of-the-art biofilters, high-efficiency pumps, fish friendly liners and skimmers to ensure clean, crystal clear water and trouble-free operation. We only use high-quality, hand-picked granite and limestone in combination with carefully selected plantings to create stunning displays of water, stone and foliage. We also provide on-going maintenance and technical support.

We offer are range of services to upgrade existing ponds and pond shorelines, including waterside outdoor living areas, and can design / build large earth ponds on larger rural properties where geotechnical and hydrological conditions are appropriate. We understand the environmental policies and legal constraints that apply to these projects, and can apply for the necessary permits. We also restore and rehabilitate existing ponds.

To view a selection of our waterscape and water feature projects, please go to our feature projects database.


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