Jean-Marc Daigle

Partner, President

Senior Landscape Architect 

Jean-Marc Daigle

Jean-Marc Daigle O.A.L.A. is Genus Loci’s president and senior landscape architect with over 25 years experience as both a landscape designer and builder. Equally comfortable and adept at both at the "drawing board" and on the construction site, Jean-Marc’s unique skill-set is ideally tailored to the demands and requirements of complex design/build landscape projects.


Through his practice, and as a writer and speaker, Jean-Marc has been an active proponent of ecological landscaping and ecological restoration across Ontario and beyond. His professional interests lie in the development and application of  innovative “green” landscape technologies, ranging from natural swimming pools, rain gardens, green roofs and xeriscapes to native species plantings, low impact development , natural heritage planning, and stormwater conservation.


Jean-Marc is co-author of  “Restoring Nature's Place: A Guide to Naturalizing Ontario Parks and Greenspace”, widely acclaimed as the leading publication on ecological restoration and natural landscaping in Ontario. Jean-Marc’s achievements have been recognized through several awards, including the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects’ 2006 Carl Borgstrom Award for Service to the Environment, and Wildlife Habitat Canada’s 2002 Urban Habitat Stewardship Award.

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