Ecological Landscaping & Restoration

You want to experience the best landscape your money can buy. You also want your landscape to be ecologically responsible and sustainable.

Ecological Landscaping

Ecological Landscaping is a "win-win" method of designing, building and maintaining gardens and landscapes with a small ecological footprint, to benefit both people and the environment. Genus Loci creates ecological landscapes for outdoor living that appeal to your desire for beauty, function and comfort, and that work with nature and natural processes to protect, sustain and restore the ecosystem health.   


We offer a wide range of innovative green practices and technologies that work with nature to create visually stunning, ecologically healthy landscapes and gardens. These include:


  • Water efficient, conservation oriented landscapes

  • Low impact development, specifically with regards to site level stormwater management and infiltration, including:

    • rain gardens, bioswales and stormwater harvesting

    • permeable pavements

    • green roofs and living walls  

  • Native plants and habitat gardens

  • Naturalization and ecological restoration

  • Bio-engineered slope stabilization and erosion control

  • Low maintenance landscapes

  • Natural swimming pools

  • Permaculture and edible landscapes

Ecological Restoration

Ecological restoration is the practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged or destroyed ecosystems and habitats through direct action and intervention.  


Genus Loci has experience and expertise in the design and implementation of ecological restoration projects in a variety of ecosystems, including shorelines, creeks and ravines, wetlands, ponds, meadows and forests. We integrate a variety of soil bioengineering methods and techniques in many of our projects to ensure short term site stability during the establishment phase.  We are very adept at working on near-water sites with difficult access and challenging terrain.


We have developed a solid track record with the primary regulatory agencies in Ontario, including  Conservation Authorities and the Niagara Escarpment Commission, and are intimately familiar with permitting requirements. In tandem with associate environmental professionals, we conduct the necessary background biophysical studies, inventories and assessments, we prepare all the necessary site plans, planting plans and working drawings, and we coordinate permitting processes. We can even assist with the procurement of government agency grants and funding for qualified projects.

This seamless and streamlined approach underlies our successful track record in ecological restoration.

Ecological Landscaping Services