Grading Drainage & Storm Water Management 

Are grading and drainage issues on your property causing you grief? Are wet areas becoming a problem, grass swales failing, surface runoff causing erosion? Perhaps you've had to disconnect your downspouts, and now water pooling against your house foundation and into your outdoor living areas.

Or, maybe you're simply someone who sees the intrinsic value in rain water for what it is - a precious, life-sustaining natural resource to be conserved and protected. Are you keen on the idea of capturing, retaining and infiltrating rainwater on your property? Are you interested in harvesting and storing rainwater for water features, gardens, and other uses around the home?


Genus Loci will develop a site grading and rain water management plan to address your specific goals and objectives. We:

  • are  Low Impact Development (LID) and Fusion Landscape specialists

  • design and build attractive, functional, sustainable stormwater management features that retain rainwater on your land and out of the sewer system, and keep your foundations and outdoor living areas high and dry, including:

    • rain gardens

    • bioswales

    • permeable pavements

    • rain-water harvesting systems

    • constructed wetlands and natural channels


Our  landscape architects will assess your property, prepare a topographic survey, review drainage patterns, calculate water volumes, and come up with a grading and stormwater management plan to best address your particular surface runoff issues. Once the planning is complete, our construction team will activate the plan and bring it all together.