Landscape Construction Technician / Driver

Landscape Construction Technician / Driver

$20-$22.50 per hour (commensurate on experience and abilities)



Who are we?

Genus Loci Ecological Landscapes inc., is an award-winning landscape design and construction company. Established in 2007, Genus Loci is based in King City, ON and serves York Region, the GTA and beyond. Leadership in ecological landscaping, with an emphasis on “Fusion” landscapes and ecological restoration, is our passion and our mission. We offer a full spectrum of conventional hard and soft landscaping services including pavements, retaining walls, masonry, landscape carpentry, landscape lighting and planting services. We also specialize in native plantings and habitat gardens, water features, natural swimming ponds, grading and erosion control, low impact development (including rain gardens and bioswales), rainwater harvesting and much more. Above all, we pride ourselves on designing and executing unique and elegant solutions to often complex design challenges.

Genus Loci is more than just the services we provide. We are a winning team that promotes creativity, problem solving, communication and personal responsibility in a safe and inclusive work environment. We believe our team’s capability and strength is enhanced by recognizing and utilizing the abilities and strengths of each individual, by offering ongoing training and professional development to broaden skillsets, and by tapping into every worker’s underutilized skills. We believe in the power of setting goals as a company, as a crew, as individuals, and celebrating achievements. 

Genus Loci is growing, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join our team and grow professionally with us. Join our team and discover the Genus Loci difference!


The Position

Landscape Construction Technician / Driver

This position involves working on a team under direct supervision from a team lead hand and foreperson, to complete a wide variety of landscape construction and horticulture projects.  Time will be split between driving for material pick-ups and drop-offs and working on site as a technician.

 Although this position can involve rigorous physical work, it is also an outstanding opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Because Genus Loci offers such a wide range of services, you will have the opportunity to play multiple roles and will acquire and/or develop skills in many facets of the landscape trades.

This position has the potential for long-term employment and professional development for those who demonstrate superior skill, learning ability, productivity, and work ethic.

This position involves working 45-50 hour work weeks, with 12 scheduled Saturdays split between the spring and fall.

This position requires a commitment to a safe workplace, and safe driving.

Who we are looking for:

We are a growing company looking for like-minded individuals to join our team and grow professionally with us. We strongly believe in utilizing the skills of all employees and offering the training for strong development. We believe in the power of setting goals as a company, a crew, and as individuals, and celebrating achievements. We have found that willingness to learn, strong work ethic, and teamwork skills are crucial.


Why join our team?

Job Satisfaction

  • We believe good things happen when you enjoy your work. As a result, our goal is to create a constructive, respectful, and inclusive work environment that promotes creative thinking, problem solving and a sense of purpose.

  • Participate in the construction of outstanding, often ecologically focused projects.

  • Be an integral team member of an industry leading design/build company, not just “a cog in the wheel”


Professional Development

  • We offer ongoing training, mentoring, support, and goal setting to develop technical skills, as well as personal skills such as creativity, teamwork, and leadership. 

  • We promote and support active employee participation in Landscape Ontario training seminars. 

  • We offer each employee a personalized professional development and advancement strategy at the start of your employment. Genus Loci succeeds when YOU succeed, and we celebrate achievement. Success is measured by setting and meeting or exceeding goals within the overall company, as well as within each crew and for each individual working.


  • Productivity and efficiency are built on proper project management, planning, support, and clear communication lines between the design office and the field crews. 

  • Strong team approach, showcasing the strengths of individuals, and supporting those as they strengthen weaker skills.



We believe in competitive compensation through wages and perks that reflect experience, skills, leadership, and dedication

  • Full-time seasonal wages, with opportunity to participate in an EI top up program off-season

  • Steady hours with overtime pay

  • Training and professional development on the job and through Landscape Ontario seminars

  • Opportunities for career advancement

  • Travel time pay structure

  • Job satisfaction

  • Management Support

  • Optional health benefits program


Essential Requirements

  • 1 year or more in landscape construction 

  • Class G or higher license 

  • Experience driving trucks (F-550, 5 ton dump truck) and trailers

  • Willingness to learn

  • Teamwork and communication skills

  • Strong work ethic


Additional Assets include:

  • Leadership experience 

  • Horticulture experience 

  • Carpentry experience 

  • Safely chaining and floating equipment

  • Pond and waterfall construction experience

  • First aid training