Lighting, Audio & Accessories


From lighting and audio, to furniture and grills, Genus Loci offers a complete range of landscape accessories to turn your space into a showcase 

Get more enjoyment out of your property by bringing it to life after the sun goes down. Benefits of lighting include:

  • Immediate and impactful Aesthetic Improvements, increasing the time you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape and property, including during dark winter evenings

  • Safety around pools, steps, and other hard to navigate areas

  • Security for your property. A well lit space is in itself a deterrent for thieves and trespassers, and lighting can help maximize the effectiveness of home security cameras

  • Showcase select trees, shrubs, and architectural aspects of your property

  • Increase your curb appeal and home resale value

We are Coastal Source dealers providing superior lighting and audio products, designs and solutions

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