Native & Horticultural Planting

Plants bring landscapes to life, and nature to your doorstep...

The soft touch of vibrant, verdant, well layered and structured plantings against stone walls, pavements and other hard structures pleases the eye and  enriches your outdoor living experience , by:


  • shaping and enclosing our outdoor spaces

  • creating a more human scale against buildings and large structures

  • providing shade and shelter, and generally improving the micro-climate  in outdoor living areas

  • enhancing privacy and spatial intimacy

  • screening unwanted views

  • incorporating edible plants and gardens

Native plants are now mainstream, a popular alternative to horticultural exotic species, particularly invasive ones. Native plants are versatile and can be adapted to any planting style, from modern and contemporary to organic and naturalistic. They are typically better suited to local climate, rainfall and soil conditions, and therefore require less water and maintenance than exotic species. Most importantly, native plantings invite nature into your realm, by providing food, water, shelter and habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other indigenous wildlife.


Genus Loci weaves beautiful, functional and sustainable plant tapestries.  Our  design team draws from a wide selection of both native and horticultural tree, shrub and perennial species. We've studied their physical properties, their shape and size, flower and foliage colour and texture, their growth habits and flowering periods. We understand  their specific cultural requirements, including soil, moisture and light preferences. We know there is a right place and a wrong place for every plant, and use this knowledge to create stylized, expressive planting arrangements that:


  • reflect your aesthetic style and plant preferences

  • are adapted to your site conditions

  • offer all season interest

  • are water efficient

  • demand less of your time and maintenance

  • can reduce household energy requirements

  • embrace nature.

Enhance your habitat...