Ponds, Waterfalls & Water Features

Water is mesmerizing. We are drawn to water because it is life-sustaining, cleansing and cooling, because it appeals to all of our senses and enriches our experience of the outdoors. The soothing sight and sound of water sets the mood. It captivates the eye, stills the mind, invites reflection and contemplation.

Do you have an affinity to water? Do you see water in your outdoor living future? If yes, we can help, we are passionate about waterscaping. We'll feature water in your landscape, on any scale, in any form, from a "front and center"  pond, waterfall and stream waterscape to a simple bubbling rock or fountain off to the side. We even design and build interior water features, if that's your thing.


Our bold and stunning compositions feature striking arrangements of natural stone and plants,  using state of the art pumps and filtration technologies to ensure clean, clear water and trouble-free operation.


We design and build:

  • lined chemical free ponds (2500 to 50,000+ gallons) designed as aquatic habitats with plants and biofilters

  • koi ponds

  • streams

  • waterscapes integrated with stormwater harvesting systems

  • waterscapes integrated with natural swimming ponds

  • water gardens

  • pondless waterfalls

  • fountains

  • swimming pool to waterscape conversions


Genus Loci also specializes in the design, construction and/or rehabilitation of earth ponds on larger rural properties. We understand the environmental requirements, policies and legal constraints that apply to these projects, and can sheppard projects through all stages of design  and permitting stages with regulatory agencies.

We provide on-going maintenance and technical support.