Rain Gardens


Rain gardens are stormwater collection basins carefully designed to capture and gradually release rain water from roofs and landscapes, rather than shedding the water to overburdened municipal storm sewer systems.

Rain Gardens are:


  • designed in accordance with surface runoff patterns, the size of the rain water catchment area, soil types, and specified design storms

  • composed of layers of absorptive soils and aggregates designed to retain and infiltrate rainwater

  • designed with beautiful  compositions of native perennial and/or shrub species well adapted  to alternating wet and dry soil conditions.

  • combined with stone accents and other elements, making them beautiful landscape features

  • possible in any style, from organic/naturalistic to modern / contemporary

  • a potential solution to many drainage problems


Bioswales are flat, linear vegetated swales designed to capture infiltrate rain water while directing water across the property.

Bioswales minimize discharge off the property, and can be designed in tandem with rain gardens for maximum effect. Like rain gardens, they are vegetated with suitable native plants, and can incorporate natural stone to maximize function and aesthetics.  Bioswales are particularly useful on flat, poorly drained properties where conventional drainage systems are ineffective.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems are designed to capture rain water off rooftops and downspouts into specially designed above or below ground basins

These systems can be completed in tandem with bioswales and rain gardens to ensure that excess water beyond capacity can then be captured infiltrated on the property. Harvesting systems:


  • are sized according to specific parameters, including rainfall intensity and desired volume of water to be harvested

  • are equipped with pumps to draw water as required (above ground collection systems discharge by gravity)

  • can be retrofitted to also collect grey water from the home

  • can even be fitted with mechanical filtration systems to produce potable water.