Defend your shoreline - Create land to water enjoyment - Protect the environment

Have you ever gone for an exuberant swim in a lake or pond and then longed for this freshwater experience at home, in your own swimming pool, without the eye-burning chemicals and chlorine? Do you think that a pool can be more than just sterile, lifeless water in a concrete shell?  

If yes, then a Natural Swimming Ponds (NSPs) might be right for you. NSP’s are anything but sterile. They are aquatic ecosystems, designed to look, feel and function like a natural pond. Water quality is maintained with mechanical and biological filters in tandem with lush aquatic plant filters—the signature feature—surrounding an open swim zone. The plant filters, in turn, provide a habitat for birds, dragonflies, frogs, turtles, newts, and a host of other fauna. The result is an unparalleled freshwater swimming experience, drenched in nature.


Natural Swimming Ponds:

  • can be fitted and sized to any property

  • can be designed in tandem with other landscape features in any style, from natural/organic to rustic, to modern/contemporary;

  • are a beautiful, vibrant landscape feature, year round

  • can be converted to a winter skating rink

  • Offer children opportunity to experience and interact with nature in the backyard

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