Patios & Walkways

"Rest, Relax and Entertain... it all starts here"

A beautiful pavement is the foundation upon which you build your outdoor room to enjoy with friends and family. A combination of high quality workmanship, materials and artistic design make this surface something that is both inviting and durable.


  • Flagstone for the rustic inspired landscape.

  • Brick and mortared stonework for a classic or contemporary style.

  • Permeable pavers for the environmentally minded.


Let us help you find your design aesthetic.

Are you tired of shoveling the snow off your driveway, walkway and patios? Consider having heating systems installed for snow melting, saving you time, and increasing safety


A stonewall will provide functional aesthetic beauty to your landscape that will stand the test of time

Stone is one of the oldest and most beautiful materials used in landscape design. Beautiful stonework becomes the "bones" of a landscape and inspires feelings such as peace and calm, a connection to the Earth, the passage of time, or simply, a sense of awe and wonder.


Stonewalls integrated into the landscape create permanent structures that define a unique look and character while having a functional value.


  • Create a cozy area of retreat

  • Frame that special focal point with dramatic walls.

  • Additional seating

  • Retaining walls

  • Garden walls

Genus Loci are authorized Unilock contractors with a proven record of excellence in design and installation of premium interlock pavements, trusted and backed by Unilock