The Xeriscape, A Water Efficient Landscape

Want more time to spend with your family and friends? GET RID OF YOUR LAWN!

Conventional lawns require an investment in both time and money from mowing, fertilizer treatments, and watering during periods of drought. Not to mention all the time involved trying to keep them weed free! These practices in turn pollute the air from emissions, pollute the waterways from chemical runoff, provide almost nothing to support biodiversity, and waste valuable municipal water supplies during periods of drought.


Xeriscapes are generally composed of a wide assortment of drought tolerant trees, shrubs and perennials that are well adapted to local rainfall conditions, and do no require supplemental water. Xeriscape plantings can be combined with stone ground covers for added aesthetic effect.  Xeriscapes can also be designed in combination with sustainable stormwater management plans to make the best possible use of rainwater that falls on your property.

The beauty of water efficient landscapes is that they require very little maintenance, yet result in  beautiful, biodiverse gardens and landscapes.


Xeriscapes can:


  • save your time, no need to mow a lawn

  • save money on your water bill

  • conserve water resources

  • create curb appeal